Bad Blood

Bad Blood

Nasty Juice pride themselves on their ability to produce the finest of premium e-liquid flavours. Whatever they blend, they work tirelessly to ensure that the flavours listed on the bottle are enjoyed by the vaper, without any question. The results are spectacular, and their juices have won great amounts of praise from all over the world. Their laboratory in Malaysia makes sure that every bottle has been fully tested for quality and flavour, before being shipped to almost every e-liquid outlet imaginable.


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A Blackcurrant and Mint E juice

Our range of Nasty Juice includes only the most popular, and most highly recommended of flavours. With Bad Blood, you are treated to a mouth watering sensation of blackcurrant on the inhale of the cloud. Sweet, pure and refreshing, this excellent blackcurrant concentration is like none other in terms of its wild quality, and avoids the sub-standard cordial like tastes found in the weaker juice bottles.

Exhale, and the vape will fill your cloud with a beautiful spearmint taste. This final note of flavour and freshness is what makes Bad Blood so unique. It will appeal to the fruit fanatics and the menthol lovers, alike. With this blend, expect the very best of sweet, beautiful flavours, combined and finished with the minty freshness you’d expect from such a pronounced blender of juice.

Although often advertised as a menthol blend of juice, Bad Blood is designed to appeal to a large range of vapers. Newcomers to vaping will find that this flavour works wonders in weaving themselves away from the tar found in analogue menthol cigarettes – and current vapers will find the blackcurrant and mint combination a favourite juice to stock amongst their collection.

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1 review for Bad Blood
  1. 5 out of 5

    Love Bad Blood on its own, but if you want a true minty kick on the aftertaste, mix it with an iced menthol blend. About 80% Bad Blood with 20% any pure iced menthol. Works a dream 🙂

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