Fat Boy

Fat Boy

Once again, Nasty Juice have found that perfect balance between fruit flavoured e-liquid and the menthol blends. Fat Boy is a liquid that has enough of a fruit punch to satisfy even the most veteran of natural fruit flavours, delivering a brilliant blast of ripe and juicy mango from the tank to the vaper on every single inhale of this miraculous blend.


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An E Juice For The Menthol Lovers

For the menthol fan, the juice slowly subsides into a wonderful haze of minty cloud, staying put in the air around you for quite some time, forming a bubble of refreshing air, and revitalising your mood every drop of the way.

Fat Boy has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70, meaning that the throat hit has been kept to a minimum, as is often preferred with the menthol hybrids of e-liquid. This makes it an ideal starting juice for a smoker of the traditional menthol cigarette, and a flavour that has more to it than the standard mint varieties. The higher VG content also makes for a thicker vape, better emulating the smoke produced on a real cigarette, and also assists in producing a greater amount of vapour, should you have your device configured to do so.

Based in Malaysia and established in 2014, Nasty Juice has quickly become their home country’s most popular brand of e-liquid, and has quickly made a solid mark on other countries around the globe. They have won much praise across the entire spectrum of the vaping community and have won many awards in a number of countries for their premium e-liquids.

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1 review for Fat Boy
  1. 5 out of 5

    I used to vape something called Mango Madness, but it disappeared. I tried this blend, and damn, it’s a thousand times better. Love it 🙂

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