Slow Blow

Slow Blow

Slow Blow is a premium e-liquid designed to bring the summer party direct to your tank. It is a flavour of juice that stands with pride against other fruit flavoured imitations, and one that has impressed many within the vaping community.


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A Fruity Sparkling Lemonade E liquid

The prominent concentration within the bottle is that of a pineapple juice, but made to sparkle, in much the same way as a fine, designer lemonade would do. This summery sensation leaves the vapour feeling immensely satisfied with the sweet flavours, and very refreshed, due to the bubbly finish of the vape.

By combining the basic elements of a fruit flavoured e-liquid, with a sparkling lemonade after note, Nasty Juice have developed a blend of liquid that really does stand out from the crowd. The pineapple flavours within Slow Blow are well defined and extremely fresh tasting, holding what tastes like a natural form of sugary sweetness. The bubbly effect only helps aid this sweetness further, and provides a very satisfying amount of sweet cloud for the vaper to enjoy on every exhale.

Nasty Juice have been blending unique e-liquids since the July of 2014 and they have, literally, shot to the top of the trade in terms of reliability and perfection of blending techniques. Their flavours are not like that of competing manufacturers, in that Nasty Juice ensure that their blends have a style and characteristic that is unique only to their brands name. Slow Blow, likewise, is one of those juices that cannot be emulated in any other way – only Nasty Juice have the knack to get this flavour just right.

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1 x 10ml Bottle, 5 x 10ml Bottles


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