Wicked Haze

Wicked Haze

Wicked Haze is a juice that combines a single flavour with an exquisite twist. On the inhale, be pleasantly greeted to a smooth, yet vibrant, taste of blackcurrant juice. The flavour, as is always the case with Nasty Juice, tastes natural, flavoursome, pure and refreshing. The blackcurrant tastes like no other bottle from any other manufacturer can achieve, and easily avoids the common cordial effect, only giving the vaper the true taste of the fruit, with the sugary content, and skipping the artificial taste.


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A Sparkling Blackcurrant and Lemonade E liquid

Exhale, and be greeted by the true twist to this flavour.

Forget the fake sparkling wine flavours of e-liquid, and be welcomed to the taste of a bubble and sparkle of a traditional lemonade. This fizz, combined with the blackcurrant, makes for a truly sensational end vape, with cloud formations feeling immense and leaving you in a position to fire that button again.

Nasty Juice know just how to satisfy a vaper. They have produced a range of liquid that has the fruit fan in priority, and, in many cases, a minty vape to suit the menthol lover. They work tirelessly to bring the very best of flavours to you and your tank, and by purchasing a bottle of liquid from Nasty Juice, you know that, on the first vape, you are blowing clouds from a blender that has put every inch of effort into making your vaping experience unique.

With a 70% VG content, Wicked Haze does exactly what it says on the tin. The inhale is dense and powerful, and the cloud formation, or the haze, is stronger than what can be found in PG flavours.

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00mg, 03mg, 06mg


1 x 10ml Bottle, 5 x 10ml Bottles


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