Project Pure

Fantastic E liquids From Project Pure

Project Pure’s range of liquids is vast, and has been crafted to appeal to all manner of vapers. They have brilliant formulations of tobacco and menthol flavours for the first time vaper, or the traditional connoisseur, along with fruity favourites and sugary treats for the sweet-toothed vaper. We stock a substantial selection of Project Pure e liquids, and will certainly have a flavour to leave you in a haze of euphoric cloud.

Who Are Project Pure?

Project Pure is the trading arm of Global Hubb, a London based e-liquid manufacturer that also produce the popular Dripp range of juices. Their state of the art laboratory in the capital produces some of the finest flavours of e-liquid in the vaping world. Their team are dedicated to manufacturing a gold standard of juice, and they keep a close eye on the maturing process, every step of the way. Their lab is able to boast a ISO9001 high tech Pharma grade standard, enabling the Project Pure team to keep up with the high demand they always face, and to keep an overall exceptional quality within their product ranges.

Every last element of e-liquid manufacture is a priority with Project Pure, from the packaging to the last trace of vapour. Many months of hard work has gone into the development process behind the Project Pure range, and this amount of dedication really does shine through with their smashing range of liquids. They have carefully worked out a way to satisfy every type of vaper with their extensive range of juice, from the traditional tobacco vaper to the fruit juice fanatic, and from the old fashioned British sweet addict to the custard lover. With Project Pure, you can be absolutely certain that they have a bottle of liquid that will satisfy you, one hundred and ten percent.

Why We Stock Project Pure

At, we take quality and safety very seriously, indeed. We make sure that everything we stock, from the highest end mods to the most glamorous of e-liquids, is from reliable manufacturers that have made customer safety a priority. With Project Pure, we know that that is the case. Their skilled personnel have spent painstaking hours making the most premium of e-liquids, and they are known to pause the process, on a regular basis, to make sure that their juice is maintaining an exceptional standard.

Their dedication shows in many ways. Project Pure want you to know that you are producing the best, by even making sure that their packaging is second to none. They claim that style and substance was key terms of their packaging, and it really shows. With this brand, you get the full feeling that you are purchasing an e-liquid that has nothing to hide and everything to show. Their flavours are absolutely magnificent. Tobacco juices are like none other you have experienced. Their juice flavours taste real and fresh. Their menthol flavours are immense, but not overwhelming. And their custom juices, like their custard blends, have been mixed to perfection. With Project Pure, you will be truly impressed, make no mistake.

Project Pure Juices

While Project Pure produce an extensive range of liquids, we can list some of the more popular blends below. However, please do browse through the bottles listed on this page, as you may find a flavour that really does intrigue you.

Rhubarb And Custard

What makes Project Pure's Rhubarb and Custard juice stand above the other imitations is its determination to keep every flavour traditionally British. And, being brewed in our wonderful capital city, the team behind this blend have really made sure that that is the case, with stunning concentrations of rhubarb. They know that vapers who aim for this type of juice really do have a sweet-tooth, and their syrupy notes in this bottle of juice are really prominent, excelling in flavour properties. The juice also sends a very punchy and mildly tangy after taste to the vaper, making them want to fire that button all over again!

Iced Menthol

Keeping refreshment at the top of their list with this bottle of juice, the team have produced a truly unique menthol formula. Menthol, along with tobacco flavours, are the first juices a vaper normally tends to sample, hoping to make the transition away from the analogue cigarettes an easy move. With Iced Menthol by Project Pure, that transition will be plain sailing. The juice is beaming with fresh mint leaves, with a prominent glow of spearmint detectable on the exhale and within the cloud. The iced element of this juice is also strong, really giving the vaper a cool sensation, making the juice feel as fresh and refreshing as one could expect from a menthol blend.

Blue Slush

While the name may be a little confusing, Blue Slush is a top of the range, premium liquid that has stolen the hearts of many vapers. It has been blended to resemble the old, traditional slushed ices that were popular back in the day, and still, to an extent, now. The juice consists of a massive blueberry injection, throwing sweet, but fresh, sensations around the tank and to the user. Project Pure have also found a way of harnessing the iced properties of the slush, and the juice really feels cool and refreshing. We can guarantee that this is a juice that all vapers will return to.


Project Pure have kept this one simple, and to the point, and quite rightly so. The e-liquid market is awash with tobacco blends – it can be daunting, especially for the newcomer to vaping, hoping to find a reliable and flavoursome alternative to the unhealthy fire-sticks. With Project Pure's Tobacco, they have selected a variety of the finest tobacco leaf flavours and blended them excellently together, ensuring that, whatever your analogue equivalent may have been, there will be an alternative flavour within their bottle. This blend has been excellent aged in Project Pure's London laboratory, to a standard that all tobacco vapers will truly appreciate.