Rhubarb And Custard

Rhubarb And Custard

Custard e-liquids can be among the most popular of all blends, when the formula is right. There is a large selection available on the market, with custard mixed with a variety of other flavours, but only Project Pure have been able to keep things traditional, and blend the two most popular of ingredients together, to give the vaper a truly unique and British classic – Rhubarb and Custard.


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The trick to getting this flavour right is sweetness. Sweetness and sweetness. Project Pure haven’t let us down in that regard, and have pumped each and every bottle of Rhubarb and Custard with a multitude of sugary flavours, all the time without sacrificing the purpose of the blend and its traditional values.

On the inhale, expect a rich and tangy blast of rhubarb, full of flavour and pure in its fruit content. Allow the tangy sensation to subside as you are greeted with the sweet, thick and creamy cloud formation of custard. The blend is brilliant in how both flavours are married together, and made to work in vapour form. This juice really does represent the dish we love so much, and stands head and shoulders above any of its imitators. Sweet to the maximum, with wonderful fruity flavours on its inhale, this juice has been manufactured to impress any vaper. If you are a custard e-liquid fan, and fancy pushing the boat out a little further in your flavour adventures, then you simply cannot go wrong with Project Pure’s Rhubarb And Custard e-liquid.

Comes in 3mg nicotine strength.


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