Of all the many flavours available in e-liquids, the tobacco blends tend to be the most important. Normally, when a smoker decides to venture into vaping and ditch the analogue cigarette, their first step is to sample the tobacco products on offer, in the hope of finding a flavour that can emulate, as closely as possible, the tastes that they are so accustomed to with smoking.


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A High VG Tobacco Flavour

When an analogue cigarette burns, the taste of smoke and the particular tobacco leaves used is what – along with the nicotine – makes the habit so addictive. To get the formula right in an e-liquid, all types of flavours have to be interwoven to help grasp the same flavours one would hope to find in a cigarette.

Project Pure’s Tobacco blend does just that, and has been crafted in such a way to cover a vast spectrum of smokers, no matter what brand of cigarette they may be used to. The blend of leaves incorporated into this flavour are magnificent, taking into account the wide variety of tobacco leaves that can be found in various brands of cigarettes. The e-liquid also works well for the cigar smoker, with its rich variety of content, and mellow undertones of having the leaves soaked in liquor.

Whatever brand of cigarettes a smoker may find themselves attached to, Project Pure’s Tobacco e-liquid has them well and truly covered. The balance between PG and VG levels produce a satisfying amount of vapour, and carries that tobacco scented aroma around in perfect formation.

Available in 3mg nicotine strength


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