Get Your Vape On With Pulp E liquid

Whether you enjoy tobacco, menthol, fruit, custard or candy vapes, you can be certain that putting Pulp e liquid in your e cigarette will take you to a world of delicious flavours. Their e juices are blended to work miracles with all devices, with stunning flavour extractions and amazing cloud formations. Pulp know everything about e-liquid production there is to know, and our range of their products are guaranteed to satisfy.

Pulp's Story

Pulp proudly claim that they could have come up with any trendy name to work within electronic cigarette juice, such as Liquidz, or e-Delight, but they settled on the name Pulp because it's what happens with the best of ingredients in a chef's kitchen! All their wonderful juices are mixed and mashed together to make an e-liquid like none other.

Based in the sunny and fresh countryside of France, Pulp's liquids cover every possible vaping taste, from fruit lovers, to cream fanatics, to the hardened tobacco lover – whatever your flavour, you can be certain that Pulp have blended the best. They boast the use of a state of the art laboratory, where all of their high-end, premium liquids are secretly formulated. The lab is situated in the magical dry scrubland of the typical Provence Garrigue, an area that is bathed in the scents of lavender and thyme. Pulp's lab has top marks for its levels of hygiene standards, and their technology is, literally, out of this world. Pulp keep safety as a paramount priority in everything they produce, and every drop of juice fulfils France's highest standards in pharmaceutical compliant regulations.

Pulp consists of five members of staff that are absolutely dedicated to what they produce and how they go about doing so. Each member has expertise in one particular field of e-liquid development, and their combined efforts make for a juice that is built, formulated, and flavoured to impress every vaper, on every fire of their button.

Why We Stock Pulp E liquid

At E-Cigarette Technologies, we are very particular about who we buy our e-liquids from, and we make sure that their reputation is of an exceptional standard. Pulp are known to have won praise in safety, hygiene, and quality control over everything they produce.

What impresses us most about Pulp, is their range of e-liquids. They have left no stone unturned in finding a liquid that will suit every single type of vaper. With their five dedicated team members, each with a specialist skill, we know that everything produced from Pulp has been blended from the heart, with gold star results in mind, every step of the way.

No matter what your preference in e-liquid flavour may be, you can bet your last dollar that Pulp has that flavour within their range. We know this, and we stock their goods because, at eCigarette.co.uk, we know that every vaper has their own taste requirements and that Pulp is certain to have a blend that will suit them, to perfection.

Our Popular Pulp Blends

While it's difficult to set aside a range of Pulp's excellent e liquid products, we have listed a small selection of their most stunning flavours below. This range covers the finest flavours, to suit tobacco fans, fruit lovers and sweet-toothed lovers. This range is – by no means – comprehensive, and we highly advise that you study our selection carefully to find the juice that will tick all of your taste bud boxes.

Alabama Tobacco

Tobacco brands of e-liquid are everywhere. But, for a newcomer to vaping, few brands fail to impress, making the transition away from traditional filtered cigarettes a very complicated process, indeed. Pulp have fully acknowledged this, and their very own Alabama Tobacco has been hand crafted to satisfy any tobacco vaping connoisseur. Alabama Tobacco uses flavours from some of the best tobacco leaves, as grown in the bottles namesake, to give the vaper a truly pure and delicate vaping experience. If you are new to vaping, and looking for a genuine alternative to the unhealthy things, then this bottle of e-liquid will surely make that transition so much easier, and enjoyable every step of the way.

Arctic Mint

Mint flavoured e-liquids come in a huge variety of forms, but Pulp's Arctic Mint has pushed the boundaries and created a flavour that is built to impress. It uses flavouring from some of the strongest mint leaves available, delivering huge hits of fresh blasts, while, somehow, incorporating a cooling sensation that can be felt on every fire of your button. Quite how Pulp have achieved this effect is obviously a trade secret, as no other mint flavour comes close!

Black Honey Blend

Pulp's Black Honey Blend is a tobacco-based e-liquid with a twist. It has been made to satisfy the traditional smoker and the cigar smoker, by using high quality flavours that resemble the finest of tobacco leaves, and has been blended in a way that makes the vape resemble a tobacco that has been soaked in prime honey content before being distributed. The flavour is unique – a wonderful tobacco sensation with a subtle undertone of rich honey.

Boston Menthol

If you like your menthol flavours, then Pulp's Boston Menthol blend will have you wondering why you didn't vape it right from the start! It has been expertly formulated to cater for the first time vaper, who previously enjoyed the menthol cigarette. It concentrates, immensely, on delivering that fresh flavour, and holds a huge amount of the fresh and natural scent in the cloud.

Crushed Melon

Pulp's Crushed Melon has an enormous array of different varieties of melon packed into every drop of juice. The prominent flavours are winter melon, wild melon and watermelon, but on the exhale there are so many other varieties holding on to the undertones. Crushed Melon is a juice that will suit all types of vapers, as it is refreshing and juicy, without being overpowering.

Exquisite Blackcurrant

Blackcurrant lovers will find that Exquisite Blackcurrant from Pulp e liquid has been uniquely made to satisfy their taste buds in a million ways. They keep the flavours as natural as possible, really delivering the sensation that the blackcurrants are being pulled straight from the fields. This taste is combined with a special cooling effect, that makes the vape simulate a lovely cool soft drink in the warmth of an outdoor barbecue.