Pulp – Alabama Tobacco

Pulp – Alabama Tobacco

Quit smoking now with the help of Pulp Alabama Tobacco. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why there are so many tobacco based e liquids on the market. It is, after all, the most common first step into the vaping world, when somebody is desperate to leave the unhealthy analogue filtered cigarette behind.


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Alabama Tobacco E liquid From Pulp

What newcomers often find is that all the tobacco alternatives just don’t seem to be able to emulate that fine quality a tobacco leaf so proudly portrays. There are so many varieties available in the analogue world, from standard tobacco to highly refined leafs, soaked in a mass of different materials, from brandy to nutmeg. Getting a balance right in the world of vaping has proven to be a delicate and complicated matter, indeed, with results varying from ‘just about okay’ to ‘nearly there’. This isn’t satisfactory to a newcomer who needs an absolutely bona fide alternative to a traditional filtered cigarette. Until now!

Step forward Pulp’s Alabama Tobacco! This expertly crafted blend of tobacco e liquid has finally got the formula needed in tobacco emulation just right. It is a fine juice, rich with bright-leaf American tobacco on the inhale, slowly infused with a pleasant soaking of pecan, with a possible, delicately placed hint of almond on the exhale. The tobacco leaf flavour is flawless. The vape doesn’t only perfectly resemble a filtered cigarette, but more likely emulates an extremely well matured, and very expensive, high-end tobacco product. It makes for the perfect transition to electronic cigarettes, and is a flavour that will have many an enthusiast talking about for years to come. This really is a flavour to be praised, and a juice that is packed with flavour, and a perfect VG / PG balance for excellent vapour results – just as you’d expect with a top of the range tobacco product.

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