Pulp – Frozen Blueberry

Pulp – Frozen Blueberry

The perfect fruit flavoured juices for electronic cigarettes are hard to come by. Many a brand will advertise a bottle of e-liquid as being a perfect imitation of strawberry, or blackcurrant, or blueberry, or any other type of fresh fruit – only for the vaper to find that the concentration isn't much like a fruit, but more like an over sugared candy alternative. However, Pulp know just how to manufacture fruit based juices that come out tops – always tasting fresh and giving you that perfect outdoor sensation.


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Pulp’s Excellent Blueberry Menthol E liquid

Pulp’s Frozen Blueberry is such a juice. You can tell by looking at the liquid through the bottle that this juice has not been flooded with sugary additives. It looks mild, and cloudy, and the flavours released from this juice show just why. Fire that button and you will be greeted with a mass outburst of gorgeously fresh blueberries. The coil gets to work immediately, heating the liquid to produce a smashing amount of sweet, but fresh flavoured vapour, filling your senses, honing the wonderful days of berry picking right into your mind. Take a moment, and allow the juice to slowly subside into that of fresh mint leaves, making an ideal exhale. Freshness speaks volumes with this brilliantly crafted and delicately balanced e-liquid. Never has a manufacturer so uniquely blended berries with mint, until now. Pulp’s Frozen Blueberry is one of the best fruit orientated e-liquids on the market, and is a flavour that you will find filling your tank on many an occasion!

Pulp’s Frozen Blueberry may contain nicotine, if required.

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