Pulp – Red Berry Liquorice

Pulp – Red Berry Liquorice

Finding the perfect liquorice juice for your electronic cigarette is no easy task. There are so many offerings available, from a horde of manufactures, making the search for that ideal blend a rather daunting task. Pulp, however, have developed a unique liquorice flavour that will satisfy every fan of the flavour, by incorporating the traditional liquorice variety we all know so well, with a very well thought out juicy mixture. They call this blend Red Berry Liquorice, an incredible feat in the liquorice market, and a flavour that will have all vapers casting an eye in its direction!


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A Truely Unique Blend: Berries and Liquorice

The flavour marries up two prominent flavours in a special way. Send the heat to that coil and experience a wonderful glow of red berries with sweet perfume-like after notes, making for a glorious inhale of fresh juice. Heat down, allow the cloud formations to develop, and be pleasantly greeted with the old-fashioned flavours of the beautiful liquorice that you recall so well. The red berries compliment the liquorice in a way nobody would have thought possible. The blend is, quite simply, genius in its approach, and we can expect to see similar combinations from Pulp in the near future – that, is pretty much inevitable!

Pulp only produce the finest quality of e-liquid juices and pride themselves on ensuring that the flavours they pack in to every bottle have been aged adequately enough to be vaped straight away. There is no need to age any of their liquids yourself – they are ready to use. Red Berry Liquorice is available in varying nicotine strengths, or as a nicotine free flavour.

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