Shark Gummies

Pink ‘n’ Mix Your Favourite E liquid With Shark Gummies

The Shark Gummies range of e-liquid have been blended to bring that much-needed touch of nostalgia to your vaping sessions. They have concentrated on bringing the best of flavours from the popular candy treats found in the pick ‘n’ mix bags from our childhood, and the memories the flavours bought back to us are astounding. Shark Gummies will appeal to any sweet toothed vaper, and make for a great premium e-liquid for any connoisseurs collection.

Bringing The Past To The Present

The original shark gummy sweets resembled – obviously – a shark, coloured in two different shades. There was always the popular white colour, mixed with something else, something that was a mystery until the first taste. The white part of the sweet tasted of a creamy, sweet milk, and had a texture that made the sweet so addictive. It was this white part that helped the metamorphosis from the tangy, first taste to the silky cream finish.

Shark Gummies range of e-liquids have been made to take these unique flavours from the original candy and allow them to flow to perfection in the form of a vape. It's a big undertaking, and one that could easily have gone wrong, but the expert blenders at Shark Gummies have stopped at nothing to ensure that their juice does exactly what it says on the tin.

With a flavour of juice from Shark Gummies, you really are bringing the past into the present. They have made sure that the prominent flavours on the inhale expertly resemble the coloured parts of the sweet treats, guaranteeing to satisfy the sugar lover and the fruitier e-liquid fanatic. And, every bottle also incorporates the milky white part of the sweet, promising the cloud to be a creamy haze.

Finding Your Flavour

With Shark Gummies, everybody has a personal favourite. It is the same as being kids all over again – hoping that in the random selection of sweets in a pick 'n' mix bags you have your favourite flavour of shark gummy thrown into the equation. And sure, all of their flavours are unique and tasty in their own right, but there's always that one we prefer above the rest.

Be it the blue ones, the red ones, the green or peach ones, these wonderful e-liquid bottles promise to mimic those flavours to perfection.

Finding your best Shark Gummies flavour is a matter of taste and time. Our advise, generally, is to have each and every bottle in your collection. Why leave the pick 'n' mix in the past, when you can alternate the flavours now? Your favourite flavour will always be your favourite, but this range of juice fails to disappoint – keep those shark treats within your range!

Why We Stock Shark Gummies

Shark Gummies are one of the most popular ranges of e-liquids on the market. They are also rather difficult to come by. At, we stock the four finest flavours of Shark Gummies on the market. We don't beat about the bush – we only stock the finest of nostalgic flavours for your tank, and this range truly comes out top in the dreams and memories department.

All of the flavours provided by Shark Gummies are TPD compliant and have been means tested to the highest of standards.

Shark Gummies, as you know them, only has the four most acknowledged flavours. We stock all four. Our advice, is to try all four. And, sure, you'll find your best, but you'll most likely love having the other hidden gems within your possession. Having all four bottles to switch between really will bring those childhood memories back to the forefront of your imagination. The only difference, of course, is that this time around, you get to choose the flavour you wish to vape, and no longer have to rely on the random chance of the pick 'n' mix!

Below is a straight-forward definition of each juice. For full flavour and sensations, please select the bottle of Shark Gummies you're after.


Let's face it – everybody loves the blue shark gummy. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most popular of all the flavours. The e-liquid variety of this firm favourite brings out the best of memories from the old candy treat. On the inhale, the blue shade of the original chewy sweet brings out the finest of raspberry juice – making it exceptionally satisfying for sweet and fruit flavoured fans alike. The sugary content on the draw is very noticeable, but with undertones of a tangy, but fresh, finish. The exhale doesn't fail to impress, either, giving you that wonderful creamy sensation in the flavour and vapour around you.


The red variety of the Shark Gummies range will impress many a fruit flavoured fan. Just like the traditional sweet, the red segment of this vape focuses heavily on large concentrations of strawberry – almost like the popular strawberry cordials. It brings with it a whole new taste, and differs from the other strawberry blends, in that it combines the fruit with the tangy sweetness of the sugary drops we can recall in those pick 'n' mix bags.


Peach flavoured e-liquids are difficult to get right. It's a tricky fruit to master, be it in sweets or ice lollies, and, of course, e-liquids. However, the Shark Gummies peach variety works beautifully in bringing back the flavours of the famous treat and combining it with dazzling spots of tangy sweetness. The milky cloud formulated on the exhale really works in perfect harmony with the peach in this particular blend, and is a type of juice that will sit well among other premium flavours.


The green coloured shark gummy left a lot of kids puzzled as to what the actual flavour was – many assumed, because it was green, it had to be lime-flavoured, but it never quite tasted like lime. Shark Gummies have dug up the secret formula, however, and found that the magical ingredient in this mysterious flavour is watermelon. And the concentrations of watermelon in this e-liquid are stunning. The taste is sweet, and very fresh. Mix this watermelon sensation with the amount of milky cloud you can expect on the exhale, and you really do have a special juice to brag about, indeed.