Tropix: E liquid in Big Bottles

Tropix is a range of e-liquid that is distributed by one of the finest manufacturers and sellers of e-liquid in the world. Their ranges are so extensive that they cover every possible vaping taste and style. Tropix is just one of many ranges, and one that has really pushed the boat out. With Tropix, you have a vape that won’t just taste immaculate, but will also be tremendously memorable.

Bringing The Sunshine Home

The Tropix range has been blended to bring the summer in to your vape. Sweet and fruity flavours are abundant within the range, along with refreshing cocktail juices to remind us of the revitalising sensations we so associate with the beach and the bars on our holidays.

Every bottle of Tropix has been made to simulate the taste sensations and give us that feeling of sunshine followed by a refreshing blast of coolness. The summer effect is often made by bringing excellent flavours of fruit juices to our vape, often of the Mediterranean variety, and some flavours within the range better emulate the thirst quenching drinks we so adore, both soft drinks and cocktails. The cooling effect, likewise, is achieved by a dazzling shot of fresh, juicy fruit, and in some other cases, accomplished by a fine rendition of menthol notes.

Adaptable To Your Style

The bottles in the Tropix range are all 50ml – a substantial size – and sold at zero strength nicotine. This means that the flavours can be enjoyed just as they are, an ideal for somebody who has reduced their nicotine content to zero, or can be injected with your own nicotine concentrations from the nicotine shot bottles.

Nicotine injection allows for the juices to be made to vape at a strength that suits you. You are given complete control over how a Tropix juice works as regards the required fix. Heavy vapers, or those that are accustomed to strong smokes, hoping to weave themselves away, can enjoy a 5ml bottle of Tropix and add a nicotine shot to make the kick work in exactly the way they wish it to. Flavour is never lost – all of the concentrations found in this range work flawlessly, no matter how high or low, or even omitted, your nicotine content may be. Tropix works for vapers of every possible style – with flavour as its main priority.

So, What's In The Range?

The Tropix range consists of ten premium bottles of e-liquid, each with their own character and unique taste. The range, although all concentrating on bringing the sunshine to our favourite tank, varies widely in tastes and content. Below is a brief explanation as to what each bottle tastes and works like, however, for a full product description, please click the appropriate product.

Fizzy Apple

This juice is a well-crafted touch of nostalgia, designed to bring the old fashioned cartons of apple juice to our vape, while infusing a powerful content of fizz. It's almost like an apple champagne in its texture, and is a true summer vape, with excellent refreshing properties.

Pina Colada

Want to bring back the true memories of those blazing hot beach holidays? Then you really had need look no further than this Pina Colada blend of juice. It is a fine blend of rum, coconut cream and pineapple. The flavours are of a unique liquor quality and the pineapple finish really does refresh the mind and the taste buds.

Fizzy Pineapple

This is a real rock 'n' roll blend of a juice that concentrates heavily on pumping sweet pineapple shots with a refreshing after taste to every note. The pineapple tastes fresh and real, and it is a flavour designed to stun any fruit juice fan.

Coconut Raspberry Pineapple

This flavour has been crowned the king of the Tropix range and is, by far, the best seller. With a beautiful infusion of three of the most demanded flavours, mixed into one glorious amount of the cloud, the vape really does throw us into a beach environment with fine, ecstatic cocktails at hand.

Passion Fruit

The amount of assorted berries that go into bringing this passion fruit flavour to life cannot be stressed enough – flavours are, literally, in abundance, and the cloud is scented in a way that not only pleases our senses, but completely revitalises them.

Watermelon And Raspberry

There's a little twist added to this popular flavour of liquid, and that twist is a fizzy infusion that travels expertly through the vape. The finest of summer fruits, watermelon and raspberry only help add to its popularity, making it a flavour that any fruit fan will truly enjoy.

Fizzy Orange

High in sparkle and stunning in fruity flavour, Fizzy Orange is a juice that lives up to the Tropix name, in delivering the best of fruity kicks with a fizz that makes the juice taste like the refreshing orangeade we find ourselves sipping in the sun.

Icy Grape

Icy Grape is a part of the Tropix range designed to appeal to fruit lovers and menthol fanatics, alike. It has a powerful inhale of refreshing spearmint menthol notes, mixed with a smashing blast of white grape juice on the exhale, making the vape taste like a fine, chilled wine.

Blackcurrant and Menthol

Continuing to satisfy menthol fans, without losing the summery touch of the Tropix range, Blackcurrant and Menthol marries the two flavours together in a style that delivers fresh, fruity juice with a cool aftertaste to mellow the cloud around you.

Juicy Peach

Peach varieties of e-liquid are awash within the market, but often fall short of impressing. With Tropix, on the other hand, you can expect only the most sparkling of juice content, with a fresh peachy after note. The vape has been formulated to stand head and shoulders above the competition.