Wick Liquor

Get Your Vape On With Wick Liquor

E-liquid manufacturers produce every type of flavour a vaper could desire, but no brand has pushed the boat out further than Wick Liquor. Their range of juice is exquisite in every way, shape and form, from flavour sensations to marvellous cloud results. Premium e-liquids always rank high among the vaping community, and Wick Liquor’s range of liquid is at the very top of that list.

The Best Of Blends

Wick Liquor do things very differently than other brands of e-liquids. They have ventured into an area that most juice brewers tend to avoid, or fail to master – the art of bringing a liquor based flavour direct to your favourite tank. This type of flavour is often littered with problems, with clogged wicks and too sickly sweet flavours being most brands downfall, but Wick Liquor have overcome all of these obstacles and produced a small selection of the finest bottles of juice available within the market.

With this brand of e-liquid, quality and perfection in flavour is more than prominent. Unlike other cocktail and liquor based juices, Wick Liquor have found a way to truly bring the most exceptional of tastes to your device. Each one of their four – industry acclaimed – bottles combines two or more different concentrations of juice, marrying them together in a unique formula. Their juice is renown to work wonders on the inhale, firing a starting taste, and then slowly formulating the cloud with the second main ingredient. This marriage of flavours makes their e-liquid exceptionally addictive, with the vaper desperate to try the inhale again, followed by the scent of vapour.

Another fascinating fact about Wick Liquor's range of flavours is their mass appeal. To anybody wanting to leave smoking behind and venture in to the world of vaping, they make a great starting juice, brushing aside the common need to go with a tobacco based e-liquid. Their stunning flavours are capable of attracting a newcomer within the first inhale, and make a brilliant vape for a veteran e-cig user who wants to try different blends. The quality behind the juice cannot possibly be stated in words alone – their four flavours really do have to be tried to be believed.

All four flavours also contain a higher ratio of VG. This has been done on purpose to help facilitate the purpose of the vape and the flavours that Wick Liquor intend you to experience. This higher concentration of VG helps to lock the exhale flavours into a greater amount of cloud, keeping those perfect liquor scents in the air around your person for a considerable amount of time.

Why We Stock Wick Liquor

First and foremost, we only stock e-liquid from the most trusted and most acclaimed manufacturers of e-liquid in the business. Every product in our range – both online and in-store – has been quality tested and abides to TPD standards.

With Wick Liquor, you can rest assured that you are producing a bottle of premium juice from an e-liquid manufacturer that has made their blends to the very highest of standards. All of their products undergo rigorous testing procedures to make sure that every bottle in a batch is of the same high standard as the next bottle in the batch. Their liquids are aged to a level in which the flavours are astoundingly prominent, really satisfying any vaper's taste buds.

Wick Liquor are based within the United Kingdom, though their products are made to incorporate the most luxurious liquor flavours from around the world, direct to your coil and wick. With an e-liquid from this brand, you have the sensation of drinking the finest cocktails in New York, Paris, Rome and a wealth of other extravagant locations where you would expect the finest to be served, to the highest standard. They pride themselves on making the best of juices. They also pride themselves on quality, over quantity. Their four main flavours have taken a great deal of time to master, to mature, and to pass their – extremely strict – flavour tests. These four flavours are stocked by us and we can promise that they will impress you and your tank, to an endless degree.

Below we give a brief description behind the blends and what prominent flavours you can expect. For a comprehensive explanation of the juice, and how it has been formulated, please select the product you are interested in.

Deja Voodoo

Deja Voodoo is an e-liquid that will please sweet-tooth's, while still heavily concentrating on satisfying the fan of fresh flavours, and, of course, the cocktail lover. It has been crafted to work wonders on the inhale and the exhale, with alternating flavours in both intake and vapour release. Expect a prominent blast of coconut husk, within milliseconds of firing that button. Sweet, but pure, this inhale really is exceptional. The exhale, and the cloud, is filled with a sugary Chula vista cane. This formula is, without doubt, a midnight treat, for warm nights, with the stars blazing above.


Contra is possibly the most popular blend of Wick Liquor's fine selection. With this juice, they have found a way to satisfy sugary e-liquid fans and citrus lovers alike. The result is unbelievable. The tart, but slightly sweet sensations experienced on the inhale are beautifully mixed with a taste and cloud of Porta Fortuna on the exhale.


Carnival is the ultimate entertainment blend of e-liquid. It has been designed to incorporate the memories of fun fairs, but mixed with the adult sensation of sweet liquor. Experience the fun and nostalgia of sugar coated doughnuts on the inhale. Let the memory do its magic and slowly exhale a scent of vanilla cholo cake on the exhale. The liquor portion of this juice is in its engagement of the two flavours. It closely resembles a small glass of two - finely infused – liquids.


Boulevard brings the fanciest of New York cocktail bars right to your e-cig. A rich sensation of Mardi Gras punch cocktail can be expected on the inhale, with a countless amount of fruit juices. And, on the exhale, expect a thrilling twist of Malibu Loganberry Pulp – a combination that makes this liquid a true winner in liquor brands.