Mad for E Cigarette Mods?

For those seeking a new vaping experience, e cigarette mods are a great way of mixing things up. Depending on whether you want to enhance your cloud chasing, extend vaping time or simply refine the quality of each puff, mods have the answer.

Although often seen as the reserve of vaping connoisseurs, or at least those with more than a little practise under their belt, some are actually suitable for beginners as well.

Some e cigarette mods come with everything you need, including battery and atomiser, while others require additional items. It’s always worth reading up on the individual product, to make sure you’ve got everything you need to start enjoying your mod straight away.

What are MODs?

Mods are essentially modified vape pens or e cigarettes. Usually they come with additional functions or a higher specification than your standard e cigs, such as longer battery life or the ability to control the temperature your e liquids heat to. E cigarette mods tend to be bigger in size than vape pens, but still fit easily into your hand.

They range in function from sub ohm, for the ultimate in cloud creation, to temperature controlled to give you the most elegant, delectable vape yet, and the style you opt for will generally depend on what you want out of your mod. Most are standard size but some are designed to fit certain brands (especially where that brand has launched its own variety of mod) – so always read up to make sure the mod you want is suitable for your e cigarette.

The most popular types of mod are temperature controlled, sub ohm, variable voltage/wattage and mechanical. Each is discussed in greater depth below, allowing you to select the mod style you want to suit your individual e cigarette requirements.


These are battery mods which allow adaptation from either eGo or 510 atomizers. The letter/numbers refer to the dual thread sizes on the battery, allowing the user to combine their battery with any eGo or 510 sized products. Rarely, an adapter is required, depending on the make and model of your e cigarette but most are designed to fit a wide range of atomisers (hence the two thread sizes) and offer features such as extended battery life, variable voltage and carbon fibre compatibility.

Mechanical mods

Mechanical vape mods are the simplest of all, with no electrical wiring, no temperature or wattage control – just a holding box for a battery. They have a button which, when pressed, produces an immediate connection between the battery and atomiser, usually resulting in a powerful hit of vapour that other e cigarettes are unable to reproduce. Because there’s no circuitry involved, there’s no way to dictate the wattage or voltage, which theoretically means they’re much simpler to use. However, a direct flow of electricity carries its own risks, and users should not overtax the battery or allow it to overheat; vapers should have a good working knowledge of e cigarettes and mechanical mods, and take care when using them. Similarly, mechanicals are best used with rebuildable atomizers, which can cope with the jolt of power (and can be easily replaced when they wear out).

Sub Ohm

These are the mods many e cigarette users are keen to get their hands on. The atomizers which heat the e liquid (producing the vapour that you inhale and then release along with the flavour and nicotine) have a certain level of resistance to the electrical current (measured in ohms, Ω). The higher the resistance, the more power is required to heat the coil, and the less vapour produced. Standard e cigarette atomizers tend to average around 1.2Ω to 2.0Ω. In search of ever greater cloud production (cloud chasing) and a bigger flavour hit, modified coils have been produced which gradually reduce the resistance, to the point where some now provide less than one ohm of resistance. The result? Massive puffs of vapour and a hearty punch from your chosen aroma.

Temperature Control

Temperature control e cigarette mods are relatively new on the vaping scene, and are causing quite a stir. Although similar in function to variable voltage/wattage (discussed below), they allow you to dictate the exact temperature you want your coil to heat to, rather than simply correlating to ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ temperatures.

There are two major benefits to this: one, adapting the temperature your e liquid heats to will enhance the flavour (and each e liquid will have its own ‘sweet spot’, as it were). Secondly, you’ll avoid the dreaded dry wick – where the wick of an atomiser heats up too much without sufficient e liquid, and burns, producing a horrible tasting-vapour.

However, at the moment TCs are only compatible with nickel and titanium coils, so it’s worth noting what you currently use and whether a TC mod would work before you invest in one.

VV/VW E Cigarette Mods

Variable voltage/variable wattage mods were created to allow for more subtle methods of vaping; namely through varying the watts and/or volts of your e cigarette. The benefit of doing so is that you create the perfect conditions to suit each e liquid as and when you vape it.

The basic rule is, the more voltage or wattage, the higher the temperature the coils heat to, and therefore the hotter your e liquid gets, and the faster it vaporises. Different e liquid flavours suit higher or lower temperatures, so adapting your coils to suit results in a better overall flavour.

If you’re using an atomizer with a higher resistance (ohms) then you’ll need to up the voltage to cope with that; if it’s a lower resistance, especially if we’re talking sub ohm, then drop the volts down. Variable voltage is deal for vapers who really like to personalise each vaping session.

Wattage is less sensitive and adapts more easily to different coils and juices, so is the best bet for those who just want to turn on and vape without any fuss.

Mods: the modern way to vape

Whether you’re in search of vaping inspiration or dream of chasing clouds like a pro, there’s a mod to suit you. Browse our extensive range of e cigarette mods and get your creative vaping juices flowing when you combine your new mod with your favourite e liquid, all thanks to eCigarette Ltd.