Sub Ohm Mods

Cloud Chasers Will Love Our Sub Ohm Mods

Sub-ohm vaping is a part of electronic cigarette use that is often seen, but not so often understood. The science and rules behind sub-ohm vaping are serious and somewhat demanding. It is a practise that is recommended for only the more experienced of vapers. All of our sub-ohm mods at are built to work with all manner of coil resistances, and are packed to the brim with user definable settings, making any sub-ohm vape an experience you will truly relish.

The Road To Sub-Ohm Vaping

There is an absolute wealth of vaping kit available, from simplistic low-end, but highly affordable devices, to top of the range pieces of hardware with definitions that can baffle any newcomer. Most of us start the healthier vaping lifestyle by using the small battery units that resemble a real cigarette, as this method is not only highly effective at weaving us away from tobacco, but is also very affordable and available in nearly every local outlet.

It is a short while after this first step has been accomplished that a vaper begins to venture further afield, perhaps a little cautiously at first. Pen style devices provide for the first new turn in the vaping road, offering better flavour enhancements and some excellent control over the vapes airflow system, something that is unachievable with the cigarette style units. All manner of e-liquids can then be utilised and the user finds themselves in a whole new world.

The next milestone on the road is often a regulated mod unit. These allow the vaper much more control over the style of their vape and the firing conditions. Variable wattage and variable voltage are often included as standard, allowing the user to moderate and refine their end vape in almost any way they wish.

To many vapers, regulated mod units mark the end of the vaping road, as they are satisfied with the results that such devices can achieve, and more than comfortable with the excellent tank units on offer.

There is, however, a little twist to the tale. If the vaper drives fast enough, and is confident enough, he or she will find that the road leads to the mysterious and complex world of sub-ohm vaping. And, in the same way that curiosity killed the cat, sub-ohm vaping is a place where the rules are strict and the options are vast.

Drive carefully, however, and you may find that the results obtained from sub-ohm vaping may have been what you were looking for all along.

Sub-ohm Vaping For Beginners

First and foremost, there are two common means in which an electronic cigarettes vapour is inhaled. These are known as Mouth To Lung and Direct to Lung. The most common method for any beginner to smoking is the mouth to lung draw, as this closely resembles the way in which a cigarette is inhaled, making the transition away from the real deal as painless as possible.

Sub-ohm vaping utilises the Direct To Lung form of vapour inhalation. This is not, generally, the preferred method for the newcomer, as it bypasses the traditional way of smoking and sends the vapour – in a massive amount – direct to the lung. That is not to say that it won't appeal, just that it is not a method that follows the common smoking method. And there is also another consideration with direct to lung vaping – the much desired throat hit occurs on the exhale, and not the inhale as is the case with mouth to lung vaping. While not traditional, this throat hit is enormous, and may well tick the right boxes with former smokers. It is, literally, a matter of trial and error in finding what type of vape suits you the most.

Sub-ohm Considerations

Before anybody should venture in to sub-ohm vaping, there is also a huge amount of rules and considerations that need to be followed.

Coil Resistances
The maximum coil resistance has to be as low as 1 ohm. This can be troublesome with some mods, as the resistance is too low to successfully detect, which may report in an error. Our sub-ohm mods at are all made to handle low coil resistances. Every unit within our range has their specifications and capabilities listed.

A bottle of e-liquid contains a mixture of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), flavourings and, possibly, nicotine. The PG and VG measures vary between juices and, under standard vaping conditions, a vaper will choose a flavour that suits their mod and tank just fine. With sub-ohm vaping, however, the ratio of PG and VG is of greater importance. Vegetable glycerine is a thicker substance that, once heated and vaporised, can produce an enormous amount of vapour, making it ideal for cloud chasing. With sub-ohm units, the vaper, ideally, needs e-liquid with higher concentrations of VG – ideally 70%.

Sub-ohm vaping produces a lot of cloud – and we are talking a lot of cloud! Because the coils are heated over a larger surface area, more e-liquid is worked on when the mod is fired. This doesn't necessarily mean that more e-liquid is used, draining your tank faster; it simply means that the area the wick can work with is greater than that of standard coils, resulting in mass amounts of vapour. Because the sub-ohm vape is designed to work using the direct to lung method, this means that any nicotine that is fired during the vape is instantly absorbed, unlike the amount that can be lost in the mouth to lung vape. For this reason, most sub-ohm users opt for lower concentrations of nicotine. The correct amount has no golden standard, but the majority of cloud chases (who wish to have nicotine), tend to aim for 8mg or lower, with 3mg being more common.

Why Our Sub-Ohm Mods Rock

Sub-ohm vaping can be a complicated science, and is recommended to only be undertaken by the professional vaper who understands the trade – from ohm resistances, to variable wattages and voltages, to temperature control, and with a full knowledge of coil builds.

Our exquisite range of sub-ohm mods are built to make your sub-ohm vaping experience as unique and as cloud extensive as possible.