Temperature Control Mods

Turn Up The Heat With Our Temperature Control Mods

Temperature Control Mods push the boundaries in what can be achieved with an electronic cigarettes. They expand on the range of features available with variable wattage and variable voltage mods, giving the vaper total control over the firing temperature of the coil within the tank. This allows for the ultimate fine-tuning of any vape.

The Temperature Control Revolution

Electronic cigarettes have undergone many changes over the years, with vast improvements. They now cater for every possible vaping need, from beginner use with easy to handle starter kits, to the most high end of rebuildable decks with high powered mods.

Temperature control was an eagerly awaited feature, and one that has improved the vaping experience for many users. While many vapers are more than comfortable with what they can achieve out of variable wattage and variable voltage mods, the ability to have complete control over the coils running temperature really does push the vaping experience in a whole new direction.

By having control over the temperature, the user can have peace of mind that his or her coil will always be firing at a maintained temperature, ensuring that the vape remains the same at all times. This method works by setting a value on the mod, in Celsius or Fahrenheit, that the coil cannot exceed. It works by having continuous communication between mod and coil – when there is a fluctuation in parameters, such as the coil increasing over the specified temperature, the mod will limit or completely suspend any further power being transmitted until the coil has reduced to the correct, specified level. The temperature control setting absolutely guarantees that the coil will maintain its given temperature no matter how intense your vaping sessions may be – even with strong cloud chasing sessions, the coil will continue to fire at the same temperature you have told it to. Because of this unique feature, many vapers now prefer the ability to control their temperature more-so than having control over variable wattages and variable voltages, as the precision is much greater.


Although vaping under a temperature control environment is a recommended trend for the more advanced user, the actual set-up process is relatively straightforward. Most vapers, from using variable wattage and variable voltage systems will be familiar with the basics. Please note, that what is explained here is only a brief guide to initiating a first time temperature control vape, and you should always refer to your mods instruction booklet before use.

Coil Type

Your temperature control mod is packed to the brim with intelligent features, thanks to its on-board chipset. One of the first things it needs to establish is what type of coil you are going to be using to heat your e-liquid. Most vapers will be familiar with coil types, but in temperature control mode it is essential that your mod is fully aware of what type of coil it will be communicating with. It doesn't matter what type of unit you are vaping with – a tank, an RBA, RTA or RDA – the mod needs this initial link between circuitry and coil.

Some mods come with a built-in Temperature Control Vape Mode that is built to understand Nickel and Titanium coils. Others may have a Temperature Control Mode that has to be manually tuned to detect Nickel and Titanium coils. To determine what type of coil you are using, simply remove it from the tank, and check the imprint on the side of the coil – Ni for Nickel, Ti for Titanium. Once this step has been established, we're ready to move on.

Locking The Base Resistance

This is a crucial part of setting up a temperature control mod. Locking the base resistance allows for the mod to understand the type of coil resistance it is working with. This has to be done at room temperature to establish the perfect connection between mod and coil.

Setting The Wattage

Your mod allows for you to select your coils recommended wattage. This is easily achieved via tapping through the on-screen settings. The wattage range for your particular type of coil can normally be found within the packaging or simply by checking the manufacturers website. If your coil was purchased from eCigarette.co.uk then the recommended range should be on our site, under the correct section for your coil. If not, then please drop us a line.

Setting The Temperature

Finally, you can tinker about with the setting that you purchased a temperature control mod for – the temperature! All coils come with a recommended temperature firing range, and you should set your mod to work within this range, for safety and for the best vaping results. You should never exceed the maximum recommended range. If a user finds that the temperature range is not sufficient for their needs, and flavours are not quite right, then – in most cases – you can easily upgrade your coil to one that has a range better suited to your needs.

Recommended Vaping Temperatures

There is no golden rule on what temperature is best suited to a vaper. Everybody's personal preference is vastly different from the next persons. Electronic cigarette liquids differ immensely from different blends and different manufactures, with large amounts of variation in the PG / VG ratios. Coils are also built of varying elements, all of which can have a significant overall effect on the e-liquid and the way it is vaporised.

The most popular vaping range is from 200 Celsius to 250 Celsius and, although a margin of 50 degrees doesn't sound a lot, it really can make a massive difference on an individual vape. Most temperature control mods work in increments of 5 degrees Celsius or 10 degrees Celsius. The common advise is to start low and gradually increase the temperature a fraction at a time.

Getting the right temperature for your vape – hitting the sweet spot, as it is known – is a learning curve, but once mastered, you'll truly appreciate what your temperature control mod is capable of achieving.