Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage Mods

Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage mods have exploded in popularity. They allow the vaper to fine tune their vape in almost every way possible – giving the user complete control over how the battery behaves and how it communicates with the tank. They are renown to be technologically supreme, with enormous amounts of power and computerised control packed under the hood. At eCigarette.co.uk, we stock variable voltage and wattage mods to suit every vaping preference, from stunning pen style mods to feature packed box units.

The Rise Of The Variable Mod

Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage mods (VV/VW for short) have risen dramatically in popularity over recent years. When they were first introduced to the market, they we expensive pieces of kit that boasted of a science that most vapers were baffled by. The small battery kits that resembled cigarettes were all the rage at this stage, along with some more advanced pen style units – VV/VW mods were only seen in the cabinets of electronic cigarette outlets, with high price tags.

The precise moment things changed remains unknown, but it is reasonable to assume that the traditional tobacco cigarette just started to lose its appeal. When this happened, there was a lesser need to emulate their look, and pen style vaping kits became all the more popular. Sooner or later, some vapers decided to test the water with VV/VW units and, all of a sudden, the units flooded the market in all ranges and styles, with vast differences in specifications, and the price tag dropped significantly. Every vaper was then granted access to the wonderful range of features the VV/VW mods had on offer.

So, What Is A VV/VW Mod?

Simply put, a VV/VW Mod does exactly what it says on the tin – it allows the user to make alterations to the voltage and the wattage. This changes the amount of electrical output that is sent to the tank, making huge changes to the way the coil behaves – in turn, massively altering the overall end vape. Packed under the hood is a chipset that deals with all the user defined settings. With some devices, the vaper can talk to the chipset by using the OLED display screen and making alterations to how the device goes about the output settings. This ability is hugely advantageous. Whereas, before, on lower end pieces of kit, a vaper could only change the airflow to the tank, they can now alter the entire way in which the coil behaves, by simply tapping new configurations into the mod.

VV/VW Features

All VV/VW mods are packed full of features. Any vaper who has moved on to a VV/VW mod from a standard pen style unit will be heavily impressed by the amount of features that are suddenly at their fingertips.

Some VV/VW Mods come with a beautiful OLED display built in to the device. The OLED allows the vaper to check, at a glance, all of their settings and the devices current status. Because VV/VW Mods are made in such a way that the chipset can talk to the attached tank, the atomiser resistance is displayed on this screen. The current wattage and current voltage settings are also displayed, along with the remaining battery life. Whether the battery is built in, or using separate cells, the measure on this screen is remarkably accurate.

Pen style VV/VW mod batteries rarely have the scale to incorporate an OLED display, but the settings can still be monitored in other ways, such as a stainless steel turntable indicating the current output and audio to warn of changes.

Some VV/VW Mods may also incorporate a temperature control system, or a Mechanical / Bypass Mode, allowing the mod to talk to the battery and determine settings to the atomiser from there on. These features are for the more advanced vaper and are not consistent with standard VV/VW Mods.

All VV/VW mods have a locking system that is generally activated by pressing the firing button five times. When locked, the OLED will normally refuse to illuminate or show a locking symbol (or on pen style units an LED will blink). VV/VW mods also incorporate the USB pass-through technology – allowing the vaper to use the device while it is being charged, with no need to wait until the battery capacity is full. In most cases, if the device has been locked, the OLED will show a larger scale battery indicator while being charged. To devices without an OLED, the same applies, via indicators on an LED.

Some VV/VW mods also have a puff counter built-in. This neat feature is exceptionally handy for vapers who are trying to limit their nicotine intake, or vape during certain moments of the day.

VV/VW Safety

One of the most highly praised plus-points of all VV/VW mods is the amount of safety features that have been strongly incorporated into every device.

When dealing with variable wattages and voltages, the mod and its battery are influencing what happens inside the tank, and how the coil behaves and heats. This alteration in output is, by definition, rather a risky procedure. But, with extensively clever chipsets, all forms of measures have been built-in to the software and hardware to keep the vaping session extremely safe.

All VV/VW mods have unique over charge and discharge protection. Whether the battery is built-in, or using separate cells, the micro processor within the unit can safely determine the over charge and discharge ratios, and quickly prevent the device from firing if there is any unpredictable behaviour detected. Likewise, a VV/VW mod has excellent thermal protection built-in, with renders the device unusable if it becomes too hot. This is a particularly important feature for mods that use separate battery cells. When temperatures return to normal, the chipset will resume firing conditions.

The chipset's ability to talk to the tank and its coil also prevents the mod firing an atomiser with a resistance that is too high or too low.

VV/VW mods incorporate all of the above safety features, plus many additional extras. This makes variable vaping a safe experience and not a trend that can only be enjoyed by the most advanced of users.