Joyetech Ego One Mega Battery

Joyetech Ego One Mega Battery

The Joyetech Ego One Mega battery does exactly what it says on the tin – storing a colossal 2600mAh of power, being certain that your desired tank will always be powered, and completely guaranteeing mass amounts of cloud capacity and flavour sensations.


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Long Battery Life and Plenty of Kick

The battery is 510 threaded for compatibility with a great range of vaping tanks, and it also has good conductivity results, ensuring that every ounce of power is transmitted successfully. It is charged via the popular Micro USB method and incorporates a technology that allows for vaping whilst charging, ensuring you are never without the taste of that great flavour.

The unit features a five button press system for turning the unit on and off. When the power is on, a vaper only needs to hold this button down to fire the unit. When you are not going to be using your Ego One for a period of time, it is recommended that you power the unit down – you should do so if you are going to be storing the battery in a purse, for example.

The battery is known to have long lasting potential with its 2600mAh of storage. The unit features a 15 second safety shut off, should the button find itself being pressed down for this amount of time. Other safety features have also been incorporated into the device, including a low voltage warning, short circuit protection and a battery display function (this is an indicator light that changes flash speed based on the amount of power remaining inside the device. Steady means 60% – 100%, slowly flashing means 30% – 59%, moderately flashing means 10-29% and flashing rapidly means 0% – 9%.)

The Joyetech Ego One Mega Battery provides a vaper with more than enough power to last over extensive vaping sessions. It looks the business and promises to never let you down.

3 reviews for Joyetech Ego One Mega Battery
  1. 5 out of 5

    The mod has the most ultimate battery life I have ever used. 2600mAh goes a long, long way. Very impressive.

  2. 5 out of 5

    The battery is strong, and feels very tough against minor drops. Easy to use and works with a range of my tanks.

  3. 5 out of 5

    A brilliant battery by Joyetech, keeping life as its prime concern. It lasts forever!

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