Atomisers, Clearos & Cartos: Vaping Tanks for every occasion

Vaping tanks are the linchpins of the successful vape pen: using a simple battery to turn unassuming e liquids into beguiling clouds of vapour. From humble beginnings as atomisers, with a simple wick or coil surrounded by juice, they’ve since developed into a highly prized aspect in their own right, with vapers holding strong preferences as to their favourite type of vaping tank; and new designs are being developed on a constant basis.

Types of Tanks Available

There are three main ‘types’ of vape tanks – atomisers, clearomizers (clearos) and cartomizers (cartos). The former two both include the requisite coil and tank, but the parts are separate, allowing you to replace the coil when required without having to discard the tank. Clearos are also made of glass, allowing you to see how much e liquid you have left and avoiding the dreaded ‘dry wick’ – when you heat the wick without sufficient e liquid to vaporise.

Cartomizers have the tank and coil as a single unit, making them a good choice for beginner vapers, but are essentially disposable, with users throwing away the whole unit when the coil wears out.

The construction of vaping tanks varies between makers. Some cater to mouth-to-lung (MTL) experiences, which mimic the sensations created by drawing on a traditional cigarette. Most standard products follow this structure.

Direct-to-lung (DL) vape pens aim to let users inhale the vapour in one smooth motion, and as a result have larger air holes. These are frequently referred to as ‘sub ohm’ tanks.

What you want to get out of your e-cigarette experience, and how experienced at vaping you are, will dictate the best tank for your needs. Take a look below for an overview of the main variations.


For anyone new to the world of vaping, Ego tanks are a safe bet. They’re designed to adapt to almost any battery/kit combination, by way of an Ego compatible screw thread on the outside and a 510 compatible thread on the inside. As most e cigarette brands use one or the other of these specifications, Ego tanks are rapidly becoming the most popular on the market. With top brands such as Aspire, Kanger and Innokin all producing high quality (and brightly coloured) options with a range of additional features, it’s hard to go wrong with one of these vivacious vaping tanks.


These are not for the inexperienced; rebuildable atomisers, or RBAs for short, are for vapers seeking to create their own custom coils. You’re given all the key components of a vaping tank – clearomizer, wick and wire – but the success and performance of the finished product is highly dependent on the skill of the person constructing it. When inaccurately assembled, they can damage or destroy vape pens, so this is definitely not an undertaking for the faint hearted. If, however, you’re an experienced vaper with a good knowledge of how tanks work, the rewards are well worth the effort of mastering this most technical of skills, with an intense flavour hit simply begging to be enjoyed. Youde, Advken and iJoy all have extensive products and accessories for anyone thinking to undertake this thrilling vape prospect.

Sub Ohm

For the true cloud chasing connoisseur, these are DL tanks designed to produce the maximum in vapour and flavour. If you’re new to the sub ohm world, you’ll need to make sure your battery, kit and vaping tank are all compatible with sub ohm coils. The benefits of taking your time to research the right set-up are considerable – enormously satisfying clouds of vapour and richer, more intense flavours with every puff. Aspire and Kanger, giants of the e cigarette industry, have some reliable products on offer, along with sub ohm specialists like Smok and Vaporesso.

Temperature Control

For many vapers, being able to adjust the temperature to which their coil is heated is a game changer. Not only does it allow you to save on power, helping your battery to hold its charge for longer, it also means that e liquids which are better suited to lower temperatures can be vaped at such a level. This significantly enhances the flavour of the juice, making for a much more satisfying vape. It’s therefore little surprise that a number of popular brands have developed a temperature control variant on their top selling tanks. Favourites include the Innokin iSub and Kanger’s TopTank models.

26650 Tanks

The majority of vaping pens and mods use standard 18650 batteries; however, for the ultimate in power and vapour, some vapers prefer to use the bigger, brawnier 26650 batteries. Because of the massive boost to power, you need coils to cope with all that extra energy – and that’s where our range of 26650 vaping tanks comes into play.

510 Threads

As mentioned earlier, many mods and vape pens are designed to be joined via 510 threads. Not all e cigarette equipment is compatible with 510 threads, so to make sure you get a tank that’s suitable. Some will match to Ego products, but if you want a tidier finish to your device, then our range of 510 specific vaping tanks is what you’re after. Popular models comprise the Joyetech Cubis and any of the Smok 510 range.

Let’s talk tank

Tanks are a crucial part of any vaping experience; for the newcomers, cartomizers are a safe and easy bet, but more advanced vapers will prefer the ability to customise their vape experience. Making sure your tank is compatible with other parts of equipment, especially if you’re planning on going sub ohm or temperature controlled, is vital to ensure you continue to vape safely, and checking the thread will help ensure you don’t end up ordering the wrong item.

However, with most batteries using a 510 thread, and Ego models providing the necessary bridge between various sizes and models, it’s hard to go far wrong. Each design comes with its own benefits and limitations, so to work out the right one for you, take a look at our full range of vaping tanks at eCigarette.co.uk to up your vape game.