EGO Tanks

The Most Popular eGo Tanks Right Here

EGo tanks are everywhere. It only takes a short drive before you’ll spot a vaper using one. Their style is famous among the vaping community, and they are well known for their versatile uses and ability to fit snug with any 510/eGo connection. Available in a huge range of sizes, styles and – of course – colours, can promise we have an eGo tank that will suit your personal vaping needs.

What Makes eGo Tanks So Popular?

On most occasions, when a newcomer discovers the world of vaping, they tend to start with the standard battery kit that can be found in most local shops. This unit is built to resemble a real cigarette, and - due to its likeness - makes the transition away from the real filtered cigarette a rather painless experience. We've all seen them, and most of us have, perhaps, used them.

After time, the newcomer becomes accustomed to the pleasures of vaping, and they soon realise that there is a wealth of flavoursome bottles on display in every vape shop they visit. To try these gems of juice, they need a device capable of holding them, and the eGo batteries and tank serve this desire to perfection.

Ego tanks are built to be compatible with a massive array of battery units. They are threaded in such a way to accompany a 510 thread, and also the larger eGo thread. The larger thread is on the outskirts of the unit, while the inner 510 section allows for alternative batteries to fit comfortably within the width of the unit. In short, an eGo tank will fit nearly every electronic cigarette battery to perfection.

All of the major players in the electronic cigarette industry produce tanks that are eGo/510 compatible. In doing so, an eGo tank almost guarantees that it will be compatible with the majority of battery devices. And, to increase the treasure in the chest, eGo adapters are also readily available to make your tank function with nearly every pen-style unit or high-end mod.

This beauty of almost limitless compatibility makes an eGo tank incredibly popular. Wherever you go, any vaper will easily spot an eGo tank – their distinctive colours and styles have satisfied many a vaper.

Types Of eGo Tanks

Because eGo tanks are primarily built for the newcomer, most tanks keep simplicity at heart. The ease of use, and user understanding of the tank is what makes the tanks so popular. There are, however, more advanced tanks that incorporate the use of more progressive and higher-end coil systems, with additional control over the airflow.

In general, eGo tanks are broken down to beginner use, and more advanced use.

For Beginners

All of the best electronic cigarette manufacturers produce eGo compatible tanks, from Aspire to Kanger, or from Eleaf to Vivi Nova. They do so, because they know that the most important step in adjusting a vaper away from the traditional cigarette needs to be an experience that is as pleasurable as possible.

All eGo tanks are built to impress, and built to suit a vaper's personal preference. Tanks for beginners are built to hold a sufficient amount of e-liquid, but never too much. The whole re-filling process is part and parcel of the fun, and part of the learning curve for beginners to vaping. Changing flavours of e-liquid is also a key point, and every eGo tank is built to make this entire process a joy. The atomisers are also easily replaced, and make the vaper aware of the need to change coils when a completely different juice is used.

An example of a beginner's eGo tank would be the Aspire CE5 Tank. This tank has all of the eye candy a newcomer could hope for, and yet features the use of a bottom coil design to increase flavour extractions – a massive improvement over the traditional cigarette battery replicas.

For Advanced Vapers

Sooner or later, every vaper will realise that there are more professional uses to their favourite flavour, and they will often see high-end devices that promise to achieve a rainbow of different results. At first, these devices can seem a little frightening.

With more advanced eGo tanks, the progressive move from standard vaping to more advanced vaping is made easy. The more advanced eGo tanks allow the vaper to have much greater control over their airflow settings and can use coils that work more intensely on flavour extractions and cloud results. When combined with the correct battery unit, the vaper is also granted access to other options that can influence the activity of the coil, such as temperature and wattage settings. The more advanced of eGo tanks really can border on the specifications of the higher end tanks we normally expect to see the enthusiastic vapers use.

An example of a higher-end eGo tank is the Aspire ET Tank. This tank uses BVC coils and has mass potential for airflow – but, never does it shy away from keeping the look simple and allowing for personalisation, in terms of fascinating opaque colours.

It is also important to point out that the more enthusiastic of vaper may keep an eGo tank as a potential, and powerful standby unit. An eGo tank offers a world of possibilities, even to the most experienced of vapers, and is a tank that that will full-fill almost every expectation.

Styles, Colours and Personalisation

Unlike most higher-end tanks, eGo tanks offer the vaper an enormous range of styles. While they may not have as many user definable options, it is this huge range of personalisation that makes them true winners among the newcomer.

All eGo tanks are made to compliment a battery unit. The most powerful of mods still employ the use of eGo conversion units to accompany these famous tanks. And it is this universal appeal that makes so many battery units stand out – a highly sophisticated battery unit with a popular eGo tank will have many a vaper asking questions.

Red, green or blue, or any shade in-between, an eGo tank is built to personalise your vaping needs in both character and performance. Beginner or expert, an eGo tank has everything needed to accomplish the best of vaping needs.