Rebuildable Atomisers

Pro-Vaping Rebuildable Atomisers

Rebuildable atomisers allow the vaper to build their own coils. That is, the coil is made to work – electronically – to the exact specifications the vaper has told it to. Unlike pre-built coils that are made to fit within our tanks and fire at a pre-defined condition, a rebuildable deck and coil lets the user fine tune every last configuration in their vaping experience.

Rebuilding is considered to be the highest-end of vaping standards. In our online store we sell a wide variety of kit that is designed to make the entire rebuilding process as simple as possible.

To adventurous vapers itching to try this new trend, we have listed a few basic terms and priorities to get you started.

The Three Rebuildable Terms

When a newcomer delves in to the world of rebuildable atomisers, he or she will consistently see the acronyms RDA, RTA and RBA on whatever site they visit, or whatever shop they frequent. Here at, we are more than happy to educate the new explorer with how rebuildables work and what type of rebuildable will most suit the vaper. The three main terms are explained, in brief, below.

  1. What is an RBA?

    An RBA is a ReBuildable Atomiser. It is an umbrella term for both RDA's and RTA's, listed below. An RBA, generically, is an atomiser with a building deck, in which the vaper builds his own coils and wicks. Literally, any atomiser that has a build deck may be referred to as an RBA. The only way in which the type of RBA can differ is by its sub-terms, and more correct terms, as listed below. Put simply, and RDA and an RTA are both children of an RBA.

  2. What is an RDA?

    An RDA is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser, or, less frequently, a Rebuildable Drip Atomiser. Both are the same, but some enthusiastic vapers swear by one term or another. An RDA's deck has posts that allow the coil to be positioned in place and provides the electrical current to the battery of your device, which, in turn, provides heat to the coils. The deck is layered with an outer casing, known as the shell, that is screwed into place via its own thread or by sliding into place with the appropriate O-rings.

    An RDA has no tank, and this is the key factor that differentiates it from an RTA, as explained below. The coils, or the wicks, await the user to drop liquid directly onto them from the bottle of e-liquid, hence the term dripping. This practise is performed drop by drop, in a precise manner, allowing the coils to be slowly saturated with the juice. The cap is often removed to perform the dripping process and replaced immediately afterwards. The amount of e-liquid the coils can hold is often minimal, however, some RDA's have a liquid well, positioned beneath the coils, that allow for an extra amount of juice to be absorbed – in most cases, the well holds less than 1ml of liquid.

    RDA's are renown by the enormous amounts of vapour they can produce, making them a favourite among cloud chasers. Anybody who wishes to enjoy mass amounts of cloud, and flavour within the air around them, will choose an RDA as their preferred vaping device. However, not only are they famed for vapour production, but RDA's are known to be supreme in their flavour results and, due to this, an RDA is often considered a benchmarking device in which all other tanks are measured with.

    At, we offer several high-end brands of RDA units. We also have the most efficient tools on the market, such as our expertly crafted range from Youde, to make the rebuilding process as easy an experience as possible.

  3. What is an RTA?

    An RTA stands for a Rebuildable Tank Atomiser, and carries many of the same features of an RDA. All RTA's still feature the same post system to apply the coils to, but are also covered by a sealed cap that houses a glass chamber, where e-liquid can be stored in the same way as the popular tanks on the market are known for. This allows for a larger amount of e-liquid to be filled inside of the chamber, continuing the vaping sessions, without the need to keep dripping new juice on to the coil or wick, as is the case with an RDA. The chamber cap fits snug against the chimney, which, likewise, directs all of the vapour directly to the user's drip tip. An RTA looks and behaves just as any other tank would, to an uniformed viewer.

    The use of a tank makes the RTA a favourable type of rebuildable, due to its similarities with other tank units. Not only can a higher amount of liquid be stored in the chamber, but the RTA also emulates other features of the tanks we know so well – it does, for example, allow the juice in the chamber to be pulled through the slots in the same way as a standard tank, absorbing the juice into the wicks on a continuous basis.

    An RTA rebuildable deck, such as the Advken Ohmega V2, serves a perfect purpose to a vaper who wishes to fine tune their entire vaping process, without losing the ability to store a large amount of juice.

So What Is The Best Rebuildable Atomiser Option For Me?

First and foremost, the best rebuildable for yourself will depend upon how deep you wish to delve in to such a trend. It is also of prime importance to point out that rebuilding atomisers is not just a hobby, but a professional art that requires the utmost of care in each and every step. Failure to follow the rules, to a tee, can result in serious damage to your unit. A considerable amount of equipment is required to undergo the building process – at, we provide all of the kit to do the job, and to make the entire rebuilding of coils as an enjoyable process as possible.

If you are a cloud chaser, or a flavour enhancing fanatic, then an RDA is, without doubt, your best option. Rebuilding with an RDA is more straightforward and the results are instant. An RDA also allows you to test flavours with different ohm settings, and this result can be applied to any standard tank, with the correct mod and settings.

For vapers who prefer a substantial amount of juice to play with, an RTA is the way to go. A tank, naturally, holds a quantity of liquid that cannot be achieved with an RDA. The only limitation is that RTA's don't allow for a fully unique shot of flavour and cloud.

The choice for a rebuildable atomiser is unique to the user. Options are vast. If rebuilding is an art you wish to undertake then we are happy to help – just drop us a line.