Limitless Atty RDA

Limitless Atty RDA

This latest RDA Atty by Limitless is superbly designed and some of the models feature colour changing properties!


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A Colour Changing RDA

The technology behind the unit has bought a new revolution to the electronic cigarette market due to the coils ability to transfer its heat potential to the atty, and changing its colour. This fascinating feature will make the unit stand head and shoulders above the competition, and certainly gather plenty of attention! At room temperature the unit appears a more sombre black shade, with a small red bandanna print on the front. When the device is fired, the heat from the coils is sent to the atty and the colour begins to change from black to a greenish shade. The transition is simply striking.

The centre post of the unit is built from a solid brass material, and plenty of space is available for wicking purposes. It has a massive window which provides plenty of room for building, with ease of use at the forefront of the construction. The positive post has been designed so that it can not spin, due to rectangular formations. The airflow feature is also unique in that it allows you to control the airflow from the bottom, thus cooling the coils and assisting great flavour and cloud capacity.

The juice tank is huge, easily proving a full days vape, and the unit has holes that easily fit gauges of all sizes. The undercut is designed in such a way that it allows additional cotton to be fitted, making for better soaking and overall vaping experiences. It also features a cap that can be flipped for inflow, a neat additional design aspect.

The Limitless Atty RDA real is a game changer in the industry, and its morphing appearance really gives it a character of its own.

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Cobra, Colour Changing Green, White


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