Sub Ohm Tanks

The Best Sub-Ohm Tanks In The World

Sub-ohm tanks are built to allow the vaper to experience a high-end style of vape that is beyond the confines of standard tanks, and can be compared to the extreme qualities of rebuildable decks. Vapour production and intense flavour concentrations are prime in sub-ohm vaping tanks. At E-Cigarette Technologies we offer the vaper a range of sub-ohm tanks that will work perfectly with any compatible mod.

What Is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping is a simple enough practise, but one that still raises many questions. The basic principle behind sub-ohm vaping is that the user is able to use atomiser coils that have a resistance of below one ohm. Coils built in such low resistances are made to work specifically with a certain type of battery unit or mod. Sub-ohm vaping is generally only undertaken by the more advanced of electronic cigarette users, because a number of manual configurations need to be made on the device in order to get the correct results. Power is often increased on fixed voltage mods and non-variable regulated devices to get the precise amount of vapour and flavour extractions the user demands. While being a simple enough concept, sub-ohm vaping has its plus points and negative points, and is a concept that has gathered great scrutiny among the vaping community.

Is Sub-Ohm Vaping For Me?

That's a question that only you can answer. We can, however, provide you with a little pointers.

For current smokers, sub-ohm vaping may not be the best starting point to weave themselves away from the horrors of traditional filtered cigarettes. This is because the traditional cigarette was inhaled using the mouth to lung method. Standard tanks and coils with resistances of over a single ohm can easily accommodate the mouth to lung vape, with great flavours and plenty of vapour. Sub-ohm vaping, on the other hand, is a direct to lung experience. All of the vapour is instantly inhaled without the initial mouth taste sensation. Because of this, most sub-ohm vapers use a lower amount of nicotine, as the coil draws a large amount of vapour in a single draw. While some current smokers may find this appealing, it will not work for all, and, generally, a standard tank with a coil above one ohm is recommended as the starting point to move away from traditional smokes.

Sub-ohm vaping requires a degree of expertise and full knowledge about the battery unit and its capabilities. This can be off-putting to the first time vaper, making a more simplified battery and tank the better option, as great flavours and cloud can still be achieved from such units.

Sub-ohm vaping may appeal if you enjoy vast amounts of cloud in your vape. While not – strictly speaking - cloud chasing, sub-ohm tanks and atomisers can accommodate this form of usage.

Sub-ohm can produce some stunning results and magnify your vape several times over, but it is a practise that takes some learning, and may not appeal to all. Remember that the majority of vapers use coil resistances over one ohm, therefore making sub-ohm vaping impossible. If, however, you really do wish to give this unique style of vaping a try, then we have some of the best sub-ohm tanks available on the market.

Devices And Tanks Used For Sub-Ohm Vaping

When venturing into sub-ohm vaping, a user has to have the correct equipment to perform the task. As has already been stated, the coil resistance must be below a single ohm – the tanks available at are made to accommodate this need, and give the user great control over other settings, with spectacular airflow configurations.

The tank must work in full compliance with the battery device to make the sub-ohm vaping experience possible. The majority of pen style battery units and lower end mods will not have sufficient capabilities to handle a sub-ohm vape – in many cases, these units will fail to fire a coil at such low resistances. You do, therefore, need a regulated mod, or a mechanical mod, to sub-ohm vape correctly. These devices require some experience to work with correctly and are not recommended for the newcomer.

Tanks built for sub-ohm vaping are often capable of handling all three major types of coil systems – Nickel (Ni200), Titanium (Ti) and Stainless Steel (SS). All our tanks that offer sub-ohm vaping capabilities are built to work flawlessly with battery units and mods that allow for temperature and wattage control. Many sub-ohm vapers find that using tanks that allow for these types of coils to be used out-of-the-bag makes for an easier experience, rather than having to work with building their own coils with RTA's and RDA's.

Some Considerations

Sub-ohm vaping, to certain vapers, is considered to be the best way to experience the flavours of electronic cigarette e-liquid, with unique cloud results. It does, however, involve a number of factors that need to be carefully considered before a user ventures in to such a trend.

Safety is of prime concern. While a tank can easily work with a coil of any resistance, even much lower than 1 ohm, the battery unit may have trouble. The settings and the marriage between mod and tank need to work in perfect conjunction with each other. Only experienced users should move onto sub-ohm vaping. That is not to say that newcomers are not welcome to this style, but they are best to have advise from expert retailers or experienced vapers – here at we are happy to help in choosing the correct tank and battery for your sub-ohm needs.

Most sub-ohm vapers lower their nicotine intake. This is due to the amount of vapour inhaled direct to the lung, and not the mouth. This can be an important consideration to many vapers. Nicotine plays an important role in the transition away from real cigarettes, and higher concentrations can help make the move easier. With sub-ohm vaping, a large quantity is absorbed into the lungs at once, meaning lower levels of nicotine are often preferred.

As a final consideration, lower ohm atomisers can drain a battery faster than traditional methods. This is due to a faster current running through the circuit and heating the elements of the coil. Many high-end battery units are built to suit sub-ohm vaping to perfection.

A sub-ohm tank is only capable of what its coil asks it to achieve. A coil is only capable of what the battery asks it to achieve. At we have many sub-ohm tanks that are built to work in conjunction with many devices, making the sub-ohm vape as unique as it possibly can be.