Temperature Control

Be More In Control With Temperature Control Tanks

At eCigarette.co.uk we stock some of the finest temperature control tanks to make the vaping process a true joy. Temperature Control vaping is the natural step forward from variable wattage and variable voltage vaping. It allows the vaper magnificent amounts of control over their end vape. Our tanks are built from the most durable of materials and are made to work meticulously with your mod, guaranteeing excellent results, on every fire.

What Is Temperature Control?

Put simply, temperature control allows the vaper complete control over the amount of temperature that is sent to the tanks coil, thus allowing for a wide range of different flavour results. As the coil heats, the liquid is also heated, and the varying levels in which this can be controlled makes for a completely different vaping experience.

Vapers who have gradually upgraded their devices over time may now be aware of Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage devices and how the alterations made in these settings can adjust the end result of their vape. Temperature control is the next natural step forward. While control over the wattage and the voltage offers a wide range of results in flavour and vapour extractions, the additional control over temperature gives the vaper the maximum amount of say over the entire vape.

The ability to work with temperature control devices, however, is only recommended for the more advanced of electronic cigarette users, as there are a number of rules and considerations that need to be followed, and only specific equipment can be used to perform the task correctly.

All experienced vapers will know about a coils resistance. On most mods, the level of resistance is displayed on the OLED, in ohms. Anybody that has worked with Kanthal wire will know that the resistance cannot be altered – Kanthal just has that particular property about it. Nickel (Ni200) and Titanium (Ti), wires and coil, on the other hand, can be heated, and the resistance of the coil changes. It is this measurement that allows for a temperature control enabled mod to work with the coil and change its resistance. The user is therefore able to see the change in resistance on their screen and make alterations to it accordingly.

Advantages Of Temperature Control Tanks

Additional Safety. More and more studies are being released to the public, suggesting that vaping is vastly safer than traditional filter cigarettes. As vapers, we already know this, and don't need a scientific piece of paper to confirm the obvious to us, but every little helps. Few studies, however, have focused on the effects of coil heating, and particularly the materials used in the coil build. It makes logical sense, however, that heating the coils precisely will have a more beneficial effect on the end result than standard means of heating. Likewise, the e-liquid will be heated uniformly, too, making the vape identical on every fire of the button. A vaper using temperature control, therefore, will be limiting themselves to the exposure one could incur from heating coils. As more studies concerning this nature are released, temperature control may find itself being introduced to lower-end devices and starter kits, with simplified functionality.

Dry Burns. Nearly every vaper has experienced a dry burn at one stage or another. It happens on all tank units, from the lower-end pens style tanks, to the high-end sub-ohm tanks. The result of a dry hit is particularly unpleasant, and can be bad for our health – some vapers complain of headache after receiving a dry hit. With temperature control tanks, however, dry burns are a thing of the past. When a wick runs short on juice (which causes a dry burn), the temperature naturally starts to rise, and the battery unit will detect this change in temperature and shut down the TC mode, sometimes jumping back to a standard configuration. Instead of a dry hit, the vapour will simply receive less vapour, informing he or she that the tank simply needs topping up with juice.

Increased Coil Life. With the ability to avoid dry burning, the coil cannot over heat. Therefore, the absorbent agent inside the coil (the organic cotton) cannot begin to burn either. It is the cotton burn that creates the awful taste in a dry burn. By maintaining a steady amount of heat in temperature control mode, the coil and its components naturally last a great deal longer than coils being fired in other settings. This, in turn, not only makes temperature control better for your vape, but is also extremely cost effective. Your coils will receive a considerably longer lifespan, and need changing much less often than standard firing modes.

Overall Battery Life. Because the tank is working with the mod in temperature control mode, and everything is being regulated precisely, the overall battery life is expected to be extended. Some studies suggest that firing in temperature control mode can improve the life of the battery by up to 1.5 times over variable wattage mode. So, not only is the tank and its coil being taken great care of in TC firing mode, but the mods battery is being looked after, too.

Temperature Control Popularity

The electronic cigarette industry is still relatively young, but it has undergone countless revolutions in such a short space of time. When variable wattage and voltage was first introduced, vapers were given the definitive amount of control over their end vape, and all types of flavour extractions and cloud formations were made possible. Sub-ohm vaping allowed for another huge leap in overall control, utilising coils with extremely low resistances for powerful vaping sessions and cloud chasing use.

With temperature control mode, the vaper has complete control over how their tank and its coil system behaves. At the moment, it is generally a practise only recommended for the more advanced vaper, but that will surely change over time – we expect the starter kits to begin incorporating this feature before too long.

The tanks we sell here at eCigarette.co.uk are among the best and most reliable of tanks for temperature control vaping. They have been tried and tested and won much praise among the vaping community.